Emily Maynard Would Be The Best Bachelorette Of All Time

emily maynard the next bachelorette?
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Any ABC reality show aficionado knows the drill—the next Bachelor or Bachelorette is always a cast off from the previous cycle. This season's silver medal castiff from last season's The Bachelor is Ashley Herbert, whom thanks to Bentley, has brought nothing but nonstop drama, mental breakdowns and tears to the rose wrangling gig. The Bachelorette Episode 6: The Return Of Bentley

What could top that, right? Maybe this: rumor has it that ABC execs are in talks to bring back not a cast-off, but the former fiancée of one Brad Womack, former Bachelor. Yup, Emily Maynard is this close to being the next Bachelorette. According to Us Weekly, "she hasn't officially signed on yet, but it looks like a done deal."

Not only is Emily Maynard the most gorgeous gal to ever step out of a limo, with that Barbie blonde hair and movie star smile, but she's also nice. Like, really nice. And her back-story? You couldn't write a sadder tale about how her one true love died tragically the same week she found out she was pregnant. Goldmine, right? She tugs the hearts of lady viewers and gets the hearts racing of male viewers.

That being said, didn't Emily herself repeat ad nauseum about how it was nearly impossible to open her heart up; that leaving her daughter Ricky—now 6 years old—for months on end was torture; and letting a man meet said spawn was pretty much out of the question unless he put a ring on it?

Yup. This is why she'll make THE BEST Bachelorette of all time.

First of all, she's nearly flawless—in looks and manners. If we learned anything from Ashley this year, all pretty much goes out the window when you're courting 15 dudes all over the world. How will Emily keep her sunny disposition when she's trudging through a Taiwanese jungle in the rain? How will she put on lipstick when she's riding a camel through the Sahara? That will be fun to watch.

Second, being so nice—how will Emily grow the southern balls to break her suitors' hearts week after week? What if she can't do it? Will she just marry them all?

Thirdly, you know the bachelors are going to bring their A-game, big time. My bet is the cast will be chock full of supermodel-lawyer-doctors who can still change a tire in the rain, and once they get a look at the vision standing before them, they are gonna to fight to the death to guard and protect Emily’s fragile heart.

The final reason Emily Maynard will make the best Bachelorette ever can be summed up in one word: Bentley.

I have no doubt that the producers will convince the bad boy single dad to come back and finally get his day in the sun with Emily. After all, it's what he wanted in the first place, right?

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With so much juicy drama to feast on with Emily as the Bachelorette, it should be pretty easy to look past the fact that she's pretty much going against everything she stood for during Brad's season. But that lure of fame, fortune and fawning can be seductive—even if you are a coal miner's daughter.