The Well-Wishing Wing Woman: Fact Or Myth?

friends club bathroom

You've heard the term 'wing man' before, and it probably conjures up a funny, mischievous (yet ultimately benevolent) movie character Martin Lawrence might play alongside a hot, shy dude. Martin would be the easy-going middle man who helps his self-conscious hottie friend get the girl.

It's not just in movies; men help each other score girls every Friday and Saturday night in the club. But are women so generous?

I was never a club person, but the few times I went with a friend, it felt like a beauty competition. It seems as if some ladies involuntarily become 'wing women' when an insecure, yet prettier or thinner woman invites her short, awkward friend just so she can make herself look better. My experiences were mostly benign and 'cant-put-your-finger-on-it' kind of episodes, but I've heard a few horror stories (e.g. girls trying to deflect a man's attention by revealing embarrassing secrets or telling lies about a girlfriend) and wonder if women are capable of sharing the spotlight without a cat fight.

Anyone who thinks men corner the market on competitiveness has obviously NOT stood in line to gain entry into a top party spot. What are we so scared of ladies? That our friend will get Mr. Right…at a club??? The one and only time I did engage in such a challenge is when my so-called friend vied for the attention of a guy I was into, despite the fact that she was already in a committed relationship, and I played to win. That was a definite mistake on my part.

I should have let her keep him.

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