A Love Poem For Our Resident Love Expert

love poem

One thankful writer pens a love poem for our own Melanie Gorman.

Here at YourTango, we love love. Love success stories. Love tips and advice. Love quotes and love poetry... Because—as the Swedish proverb goes—a life without love is like a year without summer. And a year without summer? That just sounds sad.

Speaking of poetry, we recently stumbled upon a love poem written in honor of our own Melanie Gorman, YourTango's Marketing Director, and the brains behind ProConnect. Meet The Staff: Marketing Director Melanie Gorman

Before going into the poem itself, this somewhat amusing development obviously begs the question: what makes Melanie more poem-worthy than, say, any other YourTango staff member? Let me assure you, our resident relationship guru has a lot to recommend her: warmth and generosity, relationship know-how, and the drive to make a resource like ProConnect truly awesome. In fact, the amount of personal legwork she's put into launching ProConnect sort of makes us tired.

And ProConnect has been developing into something incredible. Much more than a simple directory for relationship experts and mental health professionals, the site allows members to build their own marketing platforms using original content, and interact directly with the multitudes of YourTango readers (who are eager for these professionals' insight).

On to the poem, titled, appropriately enough, "Melanie Gorman—Relationship Guru." We don't want to give away the whole poem, so we'll just give you a taste and share our favorite line:

She's been to Mars and the planet called Venus, / Came back with insights, we call them genius."

Love it. Thank you Martin Dejnicki!

And professionals everywhere, take note: if you're inspiring love poetry, you're doing something right. So maybe ask for a raise or something. Something for us all to aspire to.

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