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NYU Prof Shows Students How To Use Lube

NYU Prof Shows Students How To Use Lube

Dad balked about paying for my NYU classes "intro to grassroots organizing" and "pop culture and politics," which he insisted wouldn't help me get a job. And he was sorta right. 

So it's a good thing that I was not in NYU's "psychosexual analysis of human behavior" course, which I have a feeling Bill O'Reilly's going to be screaming about.  Why?  The professor asked students to stand up in front of the class and use their hands to show how using lube makes sex better.   Useful, yes. But not $40,000-a-year useful!

According to NYULocal, the NYU blog, professor Ronald J. Moglia asked a male and female student to lead the demonstration.  The female student made a "penis" with two fingers and the male student made a "vagina" by cupping his hand into an O.   Condoms were put on the "penis," one with KY Jelly lube and one without. The students then simulated sex with their hands to point out that sex with a condom and lube can be safe and pleasurable.

Writes NYULocal:

Together, they became a match made in hand-sex heaven. It was a moment where “their hands made love,” Evan said, and “lubricant dripped down her hand, and tears [of laughter] dripped down [his] cheeks”.

Touching indeed.  But I'm a little concerned -- but not that these kids will one day, years from now, pay a $200 student loan payment and think it covered the class that day their professor whipped out the KY. 

No, I'm concerned this professor had reason to think these young adults might have made it all the way to college without learning about lube.  This NYU professor sounds pretty creepy, but in American's abstinence-only educational environment, perhaps he was performing a vital, lubed-up public service.

Can't wait for "anal sex day!"

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