Verne Troyer Sex Tape Update

Verne Troyer Sex Tape Update

According to E! Online, the moment we've all dreaded is finally upon us… all up on us. The Verne Troyer sex tape has made its first public appearance. E! has the link, if you're interested. This goes against the supposed deal that Mini-Me struck with SugarDVD. The accord had stipulated that Team Troyer give SugarDVD the "OK" sign before they released the film to the public and Troyer claims that no one on his end did that. And then this sex tape caper became like every fictional waterskiing scene ever filmed; he thinks his sign means stop and the boat’s driver thinks it means go faster. What's the equivalent in sex tape terms of accidentally barefoot skiing or hitting the jumps?

Since the first time we discussed the existence of this tape, we've learned that his partner in weird, model Ranae Shrider, was the person that actually leaked the tape. We guess any press is good press and 15 minutes of fame and 15 minutes of infamy are roughly equal but WTF, lady? The ladies (and lady boy) from America's Next Top Model aren’t going to have mad respec'. And that kind of crazy sh*t might have flown when Tom Ford was running Gucci, but not any more. And if she does decide to make it a porn career, she's sort of pigeon-holed herself into an unusual niche. Sure, there's probably a lot money in the dwarf guy - regular sized lady genre but she probably did not have that on her bucket list.

Anyway, we feel like Verne Troyer's career has been kind of 1 humiliation after the next (15 minutes of fame, guy) and someone needs to look out for that dude. Maybe he released the tape, is getting paid for it but just doesn't want to admit to it. That's implausible, he knew what he was getting into when he did The Surreal Life.

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